DMX controller by MDS

MIDI DMX controller with QLC+

An 8 channel MIDI/DMX controller based on an Arduino Mega which works with QLC+. Simply put, 8 buttons, 8 faders, communicating over Serial USB. Bill Of Materials 8x 10k Resistors (THT 1/4W) 8x 100k Resistors (THT 1/4W) 8x 100pF Capacitors ( ceramic 101) 8x generic tactile switches (THT 6mm) 8x sliding potentiometers (B103) 1x robodyn Read More

DIY DMX blinder by MDS front view

DMX controlled 60W LED Blinder

A homemade 3×20 Watt LED blinder. A prime example of not so well designed electronics: Switching the primary side of LED drivers with mechanical relays. All electronics are powered by a 230V-5V “phone charger”. For reading the DMX signal, an adaptation of the Mathertel design for isolated DMX was used. together with the DMXserial library Read More