Menno Daniël Spitteler (1998) was born and raised in Purmerend. Driven by a passion for electronics and robotics from a young age. He attended pre-university education (VWO) at Jan van Egmond Lyceum in Purmerend. After which he started his Bachelor and subsequently the Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven.

Currently chairman of D.S.D. Waldur and an active member of E.T.S.V Thor

Currently employed by HyTEPS as Power Quality Engineer.


Previous positions:

Chairman of the Symposium Committee of D.S.D. Waldur

See a complete list on my LinkedIn page


Experience with the following tools:
  • Mathworks Matlab
  • Mathworks Simulink
  • LTspice
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premier
  • Autodesk Eagle
  • Autodesk Fusion
Experience in the following fields:
  • B2B Marketing of technical products
  • Experience with DMX implementation on microprocessors (megaAVR / ATMEGA)
  • Experience with MIDI implementation on microprocessors (megaAVR/ ATMEGA)
  • 3d printing
  • Experience in the field of Power Quality
    • Operation and data handling of Fluke435-II
    • Operation and data handling of Elspec Blackbox g4500
Skills that are in development:
  • Value stack creation for (technical) business cases
  • Net Present Value (NPV) & economic lifetime calculations
  • Optimization with Gurobi
  • PCB Design with EMC in mind
  • Power electronics & Control systems implementations (HIL-testing)
  • workflow automation in Python